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Why cant blokes wear makeup ??

Why cant blokes wear makeup ??

Whats wrong with a man wearing makeup?

The last hundred years seems to have been flipped on its head, back in the 1900 men used to wear more makeup than women, so what’s changed… World Wars, men becoming more manly, women becoming more womanly, maybe.

However recent trends now show that we are on a 100 year cycle, more and more men are now starting to buy and use men’s cosmetics, makeup and skin care products. I don’t mean full on red lipstick, purple eye liners and the whole nine yards, a light foundation, or a dab of BB crème or concealer, this is all it takes to offer a flawless natural complexion.

I put this down to the world has changed, everyone seems obsessed in how they appear to other people (rightly or wrongly), proven by the fact that every second of every day thousands of selfies and photos of ourselves and our lives are being taken and posted online to the big wide world.

  • 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day.
  • Over 40 billion photos and videos have been shared on the Instagram platform since its conception.

This revelation has only appeared in the last 10 years, the internet in the mid nineties and a lot more recently affordable smart phones and platforms like instagram to send your selfies to.

The purpose of Instagram is different for each user but one thing remains constant, who wants to take, upload and promote a picture of themselves online to an unknown number of people looking wash out, bedraggled and unappealing… not many.

This concept has also been fuelled by celebrities, rock and sports stars who also spend a huge amount of time taking and posting their image on online platforms like Instagram, and they are certainly not spreading their washed out, bedraggled image online to adoring fans.

Its definitely, makeup, lights, camera, action when the stars post online and maybe this is why the growing number of males are now warming to the “men wearing makeup” concept again, realising that they can wear concealer and BB cremes and nobody will even notice, let alone comment.

So if …..

A man will wear lycra out in public, even go to local cafes dressed in fluro colours of lycra.

A man will dye his hair colour from a very obvious grey, to a ridiculous chocolate brown, even leaving the dye stains around the back of his neck.

A man will apply slathings of moisturizer, bought cheap at the supermarket because he’s told moisturiser is good for your skin.

A man will wear a wig, have you ever seen a wig that didn’t look like a wig?? NO !!

A man will wear jewellery, a wedding ring perhaps, a bracelet (or 5), an earring (or 2) and even a necklace, some blokes will wear the whole nine yards.

A man will carry a handbag, but not called a hand bag – a man bag (but he is still holding the bag with his hand – a handbag)

A man will wear his hair in a bun – not a French bun, but a man bun, or even when relaxing let it all hang down in a colourful hair tie.

A man will wear a perfume, not called a perfume, but a more masculine name, after shave…argh…

Why not a dab and touch up of your favourite mens concealer makeup brand  for the next selfie, look great, natural and of course get more likes.

  • Tony Collins