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About Us

"Beyond the Razor" mens cosmetics, makeup and skincare.. coming soon our new range of beard oils, balms and beard cream.

Welcome to “beyond the razor”, a site specifically designed for men who want to look there very best, every-day. Your one stop shop for all your grooming needs.

My name is Tony, creator of “beyond the razor” – men’s cosmetics, makeup and skincare, in fact everything a bloke needs to look their very best.

The idea of being able to still look great at 50 dawned on me soon after my 50th birthday, a stark realisation that looking sharp, youthful and healthy sometimes needs a little help. A touch up here and there, and the thought of being able to instantly cover and disguise those annoying blemishes seemed like a long overdue concept for men of all ages in 2019.

Hence “beyond the razor” was born, with expert advice and guidance from New Zealand’s guru in cosmetics, Peter Fahey, former Managing Director of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Australia and New Zealand for 25 years, past President of the Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association New Zealand, past Chairman of “Look Good Feel Better” Foundation and member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

“Beyond the razor” understands the importance of modern day men to look their best every-day or any occasion!  Therefore, we are proud to offer our new range of gender-neutral cosmetics and makeup for men products, exclusively at our online male cosmetics store.  Whether you’re in search of a little touch up in the form of a concealer for men, or perhaps a completely fresh and polished look with the help of a men’s foundation, you’re sure to find the product right for you online.

With an ever growing happy, satisfied and loyal customer base, exploding into the tens of thousands, we are very proud and privileged to announce that we are rapidly becoming one of Australasia’s most popular cosmetics and makeup for men brand.

We are now about to launch our new brad care range of beard oils, beard balm and beard cream.  

Here at “beyond the razor” we offer Australasia’s widest selection of men’s cosmetics, makeup and skincare.  From the before mentioned foundations, concealers and bronzers, all designed for men, to eye makeup products such as guy liner, mascara for men and even brow gel.  The truth is guys, what-ever look you are searching for, we’re sure we can equip you with the right products to look your very best.

For an even fresher look, “beyond the razor” also showcase our very own skin care for men range, composed of 14 luxurious male skin care products, designed with the most effective and organic ingredients for the best complexions ever witnessed by man.

So guys, whether you are looking to tackle wrinkles, cover up acne, freshen your face, remove eye bags, tan your face and even groom and freshen your beard the possibilities of success are endless with the professional assistance of our online men’s makeup store.



• Paraben Free
• Made in Canada
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Non-Comedogenic
• Fragrance Free
• Not Tested on Animals
All "beyond the razor" products are of the highest quality, manufactured and packaged in Canada, who has one of the highest regulatory requirements for cosmetic manufacturers.

All cosmetics sold in Canada must be safe to use and must not pose any health risk. They must meet the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and the Cosmetic Regulations.

Under the Food and Drugs Act, a cosmetic includes "any substance or mixture of substances, manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth and includes deodorants and perfumes." This includes cosmetics used by professional esthetic services, bulk institutional products (such as hand soap in school rest rooms), as well as "handmade" cosmetics sold at craft sales or home-based businesses.

The Cosmetic Regulations and the Food and Drugs Act require that cosmetics sold in Canada be manufactured, prepared, preserved, packed and stored under sanitary conditions. The manufacturer and importer must notify Health Canada that it is selling the product and provide a list of the product's ingredients.

Additionally, cosmetics are subject to the requirements of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and Regulations and any chemicals found in cosmetics may be subject to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Health Canada has banned or restricted the use of over 500 chemical ingredients for use in cosmetic products. These chemicals can be found on Canada's Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist. Comparatively, the U.S. has banned only 8 chemical ingredients for use in cosmetics.