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You don’t need a wash bag packed with products for a bit of subtle man make-up. Here are seven key pieces that comprise the ultimate kit for guys that want believable, no-bullshit cosmetics.

Mens Primer

Even if you’re no oil painting, you still need a good canvas to work with. A primer prepares the skin for everything else that follows, allowing it to go on easier and last longer. It’s not an essential step, so can be skipped in a pinch, but the right formulation can also have additional benefits, like controlling oiliness or hydrating dryness. A double skin win.

Mens BB / CC Cream

The bloke’s more accessible alternative to foundation, BB and CC creams are essentially part moisturiser and part make-up, meaning they’re great at achieving a natural but healthy looking complexion. BB stands for blemish balm and is ideal for spot-prone skin or those in need of a little colour boost. CC stands for colour correcting and provides light coverage while also reducing the appearance of redness or age spots.

Mens Concealer

Pre-date breakout? Boardroom presentation on three hours’ sleep? This is where concealer comes in. Often a guy’s first dabble with make-up (usually stolen from a sister or girlfriend), this miracle invention is similar to foundation, but is thicker and comes in a stick or liquid wand form (the former being far less messy). It works by blending imperfections into the surrounding skin, so use it for hiding under-eye shadows, or spot coverage, or a death-by-hangover-day.

Mens Blotting Sheets

No one wants a shiny schnoz, which is why most women use pressed or loose powder to keep excess oil at bay. However, men typically have larger pores, which can make this appear obvious. Blotting sheets sort the oil slick without leaving a layer of cakey product on your skin. Plus, they’re small enough to keep in your wallet, so they’re ideal for touching up on the go.

Mens Brow Gel

Men’s eyebrows tend to be fuller and hairier than women’s, which means they need maintaining. After all, if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains. Brow gel, fix or definer – they have multiple names, but basically all do the same thing. Stick to clear formulations and use sparingly (with the included brush) to keep unruly arches in check.

Mens Lip Balm

No guy wants to be called thin-skinned, but when it comes to your lips, that’s literally the case. More prone to damage than almost anywhere else on the body, it’s important to look after your smackers, and that starts with a lip balm. Avoid anything that says ‘gloss’ like the plague. Instead, opt for a manly option: a matte formula that’s moisturising but doesn’t give too much shine when you smile.

Mens Colour Corrector

You may not think of a bunch of coloured crayons as make-up, but this is where science comes into it. In the same way some colours work for your skin tone, while others work against it, certain shades can be used to your face’s benefit. Green, for example, counteracts redness (see ya, spots), orange counteracts deep-blue (bye bye, eye bags) and lavender counteracts sallowness (have that, hangover.) Apply the appropriate corrector before concealer or foundation and watch your sins disappear.

Mens Foundation

This is where things get a little scary for some guys, so allow us to mansplain. Like on a construction site, a foundation is usually the load-bearing part of a make-up routine.

Thicker than BB or CC cream, foundation is ideal for masking imperfections, evening out skin tone and generally just making you look more youthful and healthy. Opt for a liquid version, which doesn’t require a brush, in a shade that matches your skin colour. If you’re not sure what tone to get, test it on the back of your hand or get matched at a beauty counter.